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Diploma in Office Administration with IT

Office Administration with Information Technology an intense hands-on program designed to provide students with the computer and business skills required by administrative positions today. Students will learn up-to-date computer applications, keyboarding, customer service approaches, communication strategies, office documentation in a legal setup and fundamental business practices, including information management and…

Diploma in Information Technology and Cyber Security

Diploma program in “Information Technology and Cyber Security” a blend of IT and Cyber Security, is designed to produce graduates who wish to start their career as an “Information Technology and Cyber Security Specialist” in a fastest growing industry. The field of information technology continues to expand; the skills of an…

Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership

The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, and Healthcare Managers must be analytical, excellent problem solvers, and create a professional, safe, and profitable workplace. This Healthcare Management and Leadership Diploma program – the first and only comprehensive diploma of its kind – combines business fundamentals with healthcare leadership skills and knowledge,…

Medical Office Assistant

The course is designed in such a manner that student may develop the expertise over a wide variety of areas. It equips you with the core skills that are required in a medical facility. The specific skills focused on during the program include extensive knowledge of Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Billing…

Diploma in Business Administration and Leadership

Business Administration and Leadership – Diploma program is designed to produce graduates with an in-depth knowledge of business fundamentals and familiarity of business operations. This program equips students with critical decision making skills for strategic and executive work necessary for competing in the ever-changing world of business and empowers them…